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Table Slot Die Coater

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  • South Korea South Korea
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- This equipment is slot coater for test(ink, paste, film etc) in laboratory.

- An experimental device for coating process during printing processes and also proceed the experiment by selecting slot, bar, and blade.

- Manufactured as a table type small device minimizing the loss of materials as much as possible, making it feasible to proceed repetitive experiments, and also obtaining objective results through many of the experiments in a short amount of time.

-. Main control panel applied with DSP control via complete convenience for experimenters and also auto and manual functions well designed in harmony.

- GUI screen on the TSP is designed for experiments to conveniently identify and manipulate.

- Available to dry or harden by anchoring the materials such as thin film or adjust temperature by applying plate vacuum function and N.I.R unit.

- Available to control flux or driving speed and also the height of each of the printing modules along with thickness of coating in the unit of 3um.

- Conveniently replace materials such as each of the printing modules, electronic ink, or paste.

- Memory (recipe) function remembers printing process conditions and it is conveniently used at any time.

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