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R2R Slot Coating System

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-. 1-layer R2R system device applied with slot coating module designed to identify ink materials of conductivity and plastic film in the R2R process conditions prior to proceeding experiment room or production. Therefore, it can be used as an experimental pilot device in the research institution and also device for production test.

-. Slot coater module installed with stripe pattern shim is useful for the experiment of manufacturing each of the layers of OPV solar energy battery.

-. Install the E.P.C for prevention error according to the web lateral and  control the automatic position, thereby acquire the web line accuracy.

- Overall process applied with Ionizer or UV/Ozone Unit has improved printability of the plastic plate via surface texture including prevention of static electricity, water-friendly nature, coating quality, and brightness on the surface.

- Post/follow-up process is applied depending on the request of customers.

-. Syringe pump exclusively developed is applied and also installed in the device. Comprehensive control of DSP program is available along with convenient management of flux and speed control on the GUI screen.

-. Slot coater module is basically installed. However, it is still available to conveniently modify major printing process module (gravure/gravure offset, rotary screen, thermal imprinting, and etc)

-. Memory (recipe) function remembers printing process requirement and also to be used at any time.

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