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R2R Rotary Screen Printer System

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  • South Korea South Korea
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- R2R Rotary Screen Printing System is an optimized device for manufacturing flexible OPV solar battery elements

- Rotary screen printing process is used to form OPV cathode. ITO layer is formed by front coating on the thin film. Transition layer and active layer applied with PEDOT:PSS and P3HT:PCBM materials use slot or gravure process for the printing. Rotary screen printing process prints cathode pattern in the last process.

- Available to combine with laminator through drying and hardening. Hardening and drying specifications are to be applied depending on customer requirements.

- E.P.C lateral controlling unit is applied to arrange the width direction of web.

- Pre-processing including anti-static ionizer maintains the optimal condition if printing the surface of web via improvement of web surface and prevention of static.

-. Make the condition to incorporate N.I.R hardening and hot air drying unit through drying and hardening for the printed patterns

-. Line and contrast control system arranges the web axis direction to optimize the transfer the web.

-. Web tensile controller consistently prevents from losing the tightness in the printing.

-. Memory (recipe) function remembers printing process conditions that is conveniently loading at any time.

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