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Gravure offset Printer

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  • South Korea South Korea
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- Optimized device for the experiment improved through field test and trial and error that is designed to develop printed electronics elements

- This device selectively applies gravure offset printing and blade coating to proceed various experiments.

- This device can be a various of experiments to apply selectively with Gravure Offset Printing and Blade Coating.

- Minimize the loss of expensive materials by miniaturization and multi-functions, make it feasible to perform repetitive and practical experiment, and obtain more of objective results through many of the experiments in a short amount of time

- Automatic and manual functions are designed in harmony for the convenience of experimenters

- Available to harden or dry the materials including thin film or glass via anchoring and temperature controlling by applying hot plate and plate vacuum functions

- Available to control the thickness in the unit of 1um including temperature, compress, speed, and Dr. blade and also realize nm thickness after drying

- Use plate pattern to realize various patterns in low costs from plate to roll offset printing

- PDMS of blanket roll is easy to exchange that can be a test for the PDMS and electronic ink materials

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